Major functional areas

Administration Unit

  • Colecting data from zonal education office and  sending where necessary.
  • Registration of A/L External applicants.
  • Duties regarding inter zonal/province transfer on teacher and principal services.
  • Issuing permanent appointment letters for teacher service and principal service.
  • Deployment and placement of teachers, principals and other staff
  • Annual transfers
  • Maintenance  of  personal files  of education officers
  • Institutional matters of Divisional Directors of Education
  • Salary conversions, annual payments, salaries for office staff
  • Approval of loans
  • Extension of service of teachers and principals
  • Pension matters of Provincial Education staff
  • Approval   of   leave
  • Co-ordination, monitoring and supervision  of  Navodya and Isuru schools

Education Development Unit

  • Implementation of Education Development Plan
  • Co-ordination, monitoring and supervision of learning and teaching process and  maintain standards
  • Training of principals and education officers
  • Co-ordination,  monitoring and evaluation of   pre-service, in-service training programmes
  • Quality development of teaching-learning process
  • Supervision of special education programmes
  • Implementation, monitoring and evaluation  of  school curriculum
  • Design curriculum at provincial level and  supervision
  • Conduct term test at provincial level
  • Seek assistance from NIE for  revise and modernize  curriculum
  • School supervision, follow up and monitoring
  • Registration of Pirivenas, management, administration and supervision

Planning Unit

  • Preparation of Provincial Investment Planning Unit (UPDE)
  • Preparation of Provincial Education Development Planning Unit (UPDE)
  • Preparation of Annual Implementation Planning Unit (UPDE)
  • Forward structural matters  to the Provincial Secretary, Ministry of  Education for approval
  • Assist the Provincial Secretary, Ministry of Education  to prepare annual budget
  • Maintain office cadre
  • Identification of office staff  requirements

Accounts Unit

  • Prepare annual budget
  • Provide  budget proposal to Provincial Ministry of Education and Line Ministry
  • Pay salaries to office staff and conversions according to new curriculars
  • Issue cheques  to the   zonal education offices  for the teachers’ salaries
  • Advance payments for in-service programmes